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FAQs dr michelle fong psychologist
  • What are your fees?
    I offer a standard 15-minute consultation by telephone or zoom without charge to talk about your main difficulties and what you are seeking and how I can help you, if you decide to go ahead with sessions we can arrange this afterwards. My standard fee is £130 per session. If you are paying for your session yourself, I ask that the fee is paid prior to the session and no later than the close of day your session is scheduled for. Payments are made via bank transfer unless you are funding through insurance. If you are paying via your health insurance provider, I will invoice them directly. I am a health approved therapist for the following health insurance providers: AXA Health, Aviva, Bupa, Cigna, Healix, Vitality, and WPA. Please get in touch with your insurer regarding a referral.
  • Do you offer a sliding scale?
    I am happy to discuss your personal circumstances in regard to income adjusted fees. I have a limited number of sessions where I can offer clients a sliding scale, however, this is not always guaranteed.
  • Are our sessions completely confidential?
    Yes, anything you say is kept within the safety of our sessions. All Clinical Psychologists are required to have regular supervision to maintain high standards and to ensure that our practice is safe, effective and reflective. I may discuss our work with a qualified Clinical Psychologist Supervisor, however, no names or identifying details will be shared. There are legal exceptions where I may need to be break confidentiality without your permission. However, I will always be open and honest with you and discuss this in advance. These include: • Your Safety: * You have given me reason to believe you are going to take your life or seriously injure yourself. * If you have become incapacitated and are unable to communicate consent for yourself, in a situation of extreme emotional distress or you are in physical danger and I need to get you help. • Public Interest: *Disclosure of information about child abuse. *Risk of serious injury or harm to someone else. *Act of terrorism or serious crime or miscarriage of justice. All emails you send to me are end-to-end encrypted and securely password protected using Proton Mail who are GDPR compliant. Proton Mail does not have access to the contents of emails via their servers due to their zero-access encryption. Emails will be accessible from devices which are all password protected. ​I will take paper notes during the session or go through worksheets/questionnaires with you. Your name will not be put on these documents. If there are any documents that need to be kept, they will be scanned and uploaded to your secure notes. Any paper notes from the session will be destroyed. Your contact details, assessment information and subsequent notes from sessions will be kept on GDPR compliant and securely password protected software called WriteUpp. Your information is securely stored on their cloud and not downloaded to any of my computers or devices. You have a right to access any of the data I keep about you and requests will be responded to within 30 days without charge.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions will depend on the issues you would like to discuss and resolve, taking into account your unique circumstance and needs. It is also dependent on the type of therapy approach you choose to engage with, for example CBT is designed to be a shorter term therapy which can last between 6-20 or more sessions. Other forms of therapy such as Schema Therapy tend to be longer term, but we will regularly review the process. Often, once therapy starts new issues can arise that you perhaps may not have been aware of that you then want to explore further, it is also possible that you may see an improvement faster than you expected.
  • What will the sessions look like?
    We begin our first session by developing a shared understanding of your problems. This is called the assessment phase and it is where I will spend time getting to know your difficulties, needs and what you would like to achieve. I am interested in hearing about what brought you to therapy, what your current difficulties are, how your difficulties have developed over time and any patterns that you may have noticed in how you relate to other people and how you cope with difficulties. This time allows me to really get to know you, including hearing about your strengths and your values as a person and not just your difficulties. From here therapy is tailored to your needs and we will work on your treatment goals so that they are achieved in a meaningful way. Sessions last between 50- 60 minutes and are delivered online and there is no obligation to engage in therapy after the assessment period.
  • How frequent are the sessions?
    I offer sessions on a weekly basis, and I keep sessions scheduled for the same time and day each week. Depending on your needs and how therapy progresses this may decrease to having sessions every two weeks or once a month.
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