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supervision and training from dr michelle fong psychologist

Clinical Supervision
Certified Schema Therapy Training

Supervision and Certified Schema Therapy Supervision

I have extensive experience providing clinical supervision to qualified senior psychologists as well as trainee psychologists who work in various settings in the NHS and in their private work. I offer a reflective and containing space as well as considering learning goals and areas for development. My supervision style is open and thoughtful, and I encourage all my supervisees to reflect on what they bring from their own experiences to their clinical work and to their teams. 

I am also a Certified Advanced Level Schema Therapy Supervisor and offer specialist Schema Therapy supervision to psychologists interested in using this model to inform their clinical practice or as part of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) Standard or Advanced certification programme. 


If you are interested in setting up clinical supervision with me please do get in touch by clicking on the button below. 

ISST approved Schema Therapy Training

I am a co-director for Schema Therapy Systems Ltd founded in 2019.  We offer ISST approved training in Schema Therapy for adults.  The training forms the academic and experiential component as a prerequisite for certification.  The training programme covers 7-days of interactive online workshops covering theory and practice including case conceptualisation, imagery rescripting and chairwork, the therapeutic relationship and working with specific personality disorders. Certification in Schema Therapy is not compulsory after the workshop days. 

If you are interested in Schema Therapy training for adults, please visit our website where you can find more information about eligibility for training and certification as well as programme details and testimonials or you can contact us on by clicking the button below.

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